we is gone and beyond.

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we is gone and beyond.

Post  Soupboy00 on Mon May 19, 2008 4:27 am

this is the last forum post that i need to make you can go to Chitaco.com and post i had to remake the blog so your passwords are reset numbers 1234 please login and reset these as soon as possable because you passwords right here for the 3 of you who have had one.

note if your not able to login to chitaco your user name is case sensitive so its a cap at the front

also ihatejoe.info is up nothing there yet we just need to face lift the interface with custom graphics and content. ihatejoe.info/forum same with the forums just create a new account ill make you a mod once you have created an account, and we'll have a new look for the new ihatejoe site in a few weeks.

note i havent post on the new forums yet so there might be some intial problems with stuff not working like you not being able to sign up but i doubt it will happen so just try it out and i think i caped the avatar limit at 75x 75x and 500kb or something like that

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